How to Get Started

Begin by reading about Collaborative Divorce and see if it is a process you and your spouse might consider. The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals website at has a wealth of information about Collaborative Divorce and its advantages, including a free Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit. There also two informative videos on this website, Fredericksburg Area Collaborative Professionals and Collaborative Practice – A Team Approach.

Compare the Collaborative Process with both the traditional adversarial divorce and alternative methods of dispute resolution such as Mediation.

Decide which is a better fit for you and the others involved and what sort of a divorce you want to have. We encourage you, at any time, to contact one of our professionals to discuss the Collaborative Process and whether it is right for you and your family.

Once you have chosen Collaborative Divorce, your first step is to contact and meet with any of our members. You and the professional you choose will review your decision, check on the involvement of your spouse or other person involved, and begin to assemble your Collaborative team.

Your team will be comprised of lawyers, coaches, financial specialists and child specialists — all specifically trained to help you reach agreement.

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